For readers of the EZ 66 Guide for Travelers, I have provided free online updates to help keep your Route 66 experience as current as possible. As you might imagine, Route 66 is constantly undergoing changes, some good, others not so. Businesses open and close, roads are re-routed and street names change.

Please check back here just before your trip for the latest info. Entries are dated as to when they were added.

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Barstow CA page-11 on Jan 20, 2022 at 10:16:42 am [Print]

The First Ave Bridge in Barstow is closed for an undetermined period due to an accident. This leads across the RR yards to the Route 66 Mother Road Museum.

Ron gives alt access info:
An alternate way to get to the museum is to go over the Yucca Avenue railroad bridge on the city’s east side, then go west on Riverside Drive. Another way is from the north side of town on Old Highway 58, then south onto First Avenue.

The First Avenue Bridge, built in the early 1930s, is scheduled to be torn down after a new bridge is built next to it because of steep liability concerns, The new span, however, won’t be open until 2024 at the earliest.

gone on Dec 21, 2021 at 10:04:23 pm [Print]
Since we published edition 4, there have been too many businesses, neon signs and old ruins disappear. Too many for the updates. Just expect that a lot of the places mentioned won't be there. Fortunately many NEW places and restorations have happened.

NM page-14 on Dec 20, 2021 at 11:44:23 am [Print]
Substitute Atrisco Vista Blvd for Paseo del Volcan in the directions at EXIT 149 on the wst end of Albuquerque. Did they change the name on me or am I crazy?

OK page-8 on Dec 11, 2021 at 5:39:48 pm [Print]
Now its the Will Rogers Magnuspn Hotel. Reviews look OK. But I can't recommend the Claremore Inn.

MO PAGE-23 HALLTOWN DETOUR on Nov 22, 2021 at 4:06:35 pm [Print]
For now you must DETOUR between Halltown and Paris Springs JCT (Gay Parita). They are rebuilding the bridge just west of town.

I haven't tested this detour...but Mariko drove the WB stretch recently.

Headed west you'll need to follow Hwy Z (S Dogwood Dr) south from Halltown, then join I-44 WB at EXIT 58. Take EXIT 57 onto HWY 96. Use the side road about 1.5 miles on to connect to old 66/MO 266 to Gay Parita.

Eastbound: leave MO 266 and follow HWY 96 all the way to EXIT 57 and JOIN I-44 east to EXIT 57. Take the exit and follow the signs to Halltown.
You miss 2 miles of 66 west of the bridge. You can easily take a loop thru Halltown itself.

IL page 3 REVISED INFO on Nov 21, 2021 at 3:37:31 pm [Print]
HOW TO REACH the Eastern Terminus of Route 66 in downtown CHICAGO (for WB/westbound drivers):

Since Jackson (US 66 before the 1950s addition of Adams) is now ONE-WAY EB west of Michigan Ave, this “loop” route below lets you also drive the early route thru downtown:

From O’Hare Airport and points north/northwest: Take I-190 to EAST I-90 (signs: to “Chicago Loop”). Go about 17 mi to EXIT 51-I near downtown. Exit onto EAST I-290 (to “Congress Pkwy”). Take EXIT 28A onto Congress Pkwy, cross Damon Ave, then LEFT onto Ogden Ave. Cross I-290 and Van Buren Ave, then RIGHT on Jackson. Follow Jackson east thru downtown to Michigan Ave. Turn LEFT, then LEFT on Adams St and follow the WB direction box.

OR: From the south/southwest (Midway Airport, I-55, etc): Join I-90 northbound. Take I-290 WEST and use EXIT 28B to join W Van Buren St. Cross Ashland and Paulina, then RIGHT onto Ogden Ave. Continue to Jackson, and proceed as above thru downtown.

Joliet, Illinois IL pg-7 on Nov 21, 2021 at 3:35:29 pm [Print]
I haven't field tested these new directions yet, but since Chicago street is now open down to Washington, I've revised the directions to run along Chicago thru downtown Joliet instead of on the Illinos Hwy 53 One-way couplet.

Also new detailed directions to the Joliet Museum.

JOLIET:IL page-7

WB: From Broadway, cross the Des Plaines River on Ruby, then curve RIGHT onto Chicago St. Follow Chicago south for ¾ mi thru downtown JOLIET. Turn RIGHT onto W Washington St, go one block, then LEFT on S HWY 53 (US 6). At 4th Ave, continue south on Hwy 53 (US 52) under I-80. Go 15.5 mi on HWY 53 (passing ELWOOD en-route) to WILMINGTON.

EB: Follow Hwy 53 north from WILMINGTON for 15.5 mi (passing ELWOOD en route) to cross under I-80 into JOLIET. Follow HWY 53 north about ¾ mi, cross W Washington St, then continue with Chicago ST north thru downtown. After about ¾ mi, turn LEFT on Ruby St. Cross the Des Plains River to the stoplight at Broadway.

MANDATORY SIDE TRIP: The Joliet Museum has a great Route 66 Welcome Center and Gift Shop (312) 978-1282. From Chicago St, go west on W Benton St. Turn LEFT on N Ottowa St/Hwy 53 SOUTH (one-way). The museum is 0.8 mi south (before Cass St), parking at corner of Webster and Hwy 53, just north. ART ALERT! See my ROUTE 66 MURAL inside!

GASCONADE BRIDGE REMINDER on Nov 19, 2021 at 6:07:23 pm [Print]

MO page-17: You can now drive old 66 between exit 145 and exit 140 east of Lebanon. A new outer road
bridge has been opened, bypassing the closed and endangered 1923 Gasconade river bridge. You do NOT
have to "JOIN I-40 WEST or EAST anymore. There is a side road that will let you get closer to the old
bridge. BUT..the old bridge appears to be doomed despite efforts to save it.

detour in glendora CA on Nov 09, 2021 at 10:55:37 am [Print]
UPDATE: As my friend Scott Piotrowsky reminds us, the early alignment on Foothill will bypass this closure! See map CA page-20


Route 66 between Hunters Trail and Compromise Line Road will be fully closed to all traffic Nov. 19-29.

Beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 19 and continuing through 5 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 29, 2021, Route 66 between Hunters Trail and Compromise Line Road will be fully closed to all traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) 24 hours a day.
• Work hours: In order to limit the closure to 10 days, work will be performed 24 hours a day.

• Full closure of Route 66 to all traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) 24-hours a day between Hunters Trail and Compromise Line Rd. for 10 consecutive days (Nov. 19 - 29). Use detour routes.

• A detour route will be in place during the 10-day full closure and signage will be posted to direct motorists, trucks and pedestrians. Please follow detour signs.
* Gladstone St. (eastbound and westbound) will remain open and serve as a detour route, see details below.
* Lone Hill Ave. and Grand Ave. (northbound and southbound) will remain open and serve as detour routes.

singing road on Nov 04, 2021 at 3:30:49 pm [Print]
Got the following message. If you scroll down thru the updates below you will find recent info about the status of the singing road (basically the signs are gone, but it still works ..at least recently)and thanks, Graeme.

Posted by: Graeme Walker ] Great book btw. We are on holiday in Albuquerque and thought we go up the Turquoise Trail to Santa Fe. The plan was to drive on the 'singing hwy' but there was nothing we could find. Not sure if they have paved over or not, it didn't look that old, but nothing EB from exit 170 to 175. Page NM-11. Google shows it as closed.