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EZ 5 NOW! on Jan 13, 2023 at 5:11:29 pm
Yep, at long last the long-awaited FIFTH EDITION of the famed EZ 66 GUIDE is in print and ready to order!

You can buy it online directly from the publisher at
As I get reports of which shops on and off 66 (including overseas!) have it in stock I will point them out here and on so folks can support the small businesses along Route 66.

We are rather proud of this new edition. I traveled ALL of the directions in the EZ Guide, (mostly both ways) last year and then spent many, many months revising.

I added 14 pages to expand the text and maps, plus 8 "blank" pages for autographs and stamps. Most OPTIONS and SIDE TRIPS were reworked to make them even EZer to choose and follow, especially in complex city areas, with new maps as needed.

Of course the EZ 66 is still chock-full of recommendations for classic motels and eateries, museums, attractions, GIANT ALERTS, and other cool stuff to make your trip fun.

The beauty of the EZ 66 Guide is that you can choose to take an easy, simpler trip by merely following the "boxed" westbound or eastbound directions.

OR, you can add to your adventure by choosing any or all of the OPTIONS and SIDE TRIPS!

The EZ 66 is your interactive guide to developing and enjoying the best Route 66 trip for your time and tastes! Pick what you want. Hop on and off. Do part or all, east or west, drive the dirt or stick to is all up to you! The 5th Edition of the EZ 66 Guide will help you experience the REAL, AUTHENTIC ROUTE 66!

This is now the most up-to-date guide out there (I even had to yell 'STOP THE PRESSES" at the last minute so I could make emergency revisions to 5 pages in California to account for a reopened stretch of 66). While Historic Route 66 is constantly changing, my update pages at will continue to be your source for up-to-date info.

My thanks to all of the shops who have supported the EZ 66 Guide over the last 18 years! We are glad to have been able to support many of these wonderful places along the Mother Road and hope to keep promoting Route 66 for years to come.

KEEP YOUR EDITION (no matter HOW old) UPDATED and always relevant/useful/up to date BY USING THE FREE UPDATE PAGE HERE! I also post quick changes, weather alerts, et at EZ 66 Guide on FB

ROUTE 66 TRANSITIONS EXHIBIT on Aug 10, 2022 at 7:25:48 pm
My photo exhibit is up in the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton. It features 66 photos of mine from 1981 to 1991, many never seen before, of subjects long gone. Give it a look! Should be up for a couple of years.

Gallery info 2023 on Jul 01, 2022 at 11:34:49 am
McJerry's Route 66 Gallery has no set hours. I am happy to open whenever I have visitors (even on weekends or off-hours when possible).

You can call or text me ahead of time at 4oh5 24oh 7659 I live and work VERY close by, so it is no problem for me to meet you very quickly...most of the time. I DO close for lunch, and sometimes I am running errands or out enjoying 66!

TEXT is better than VOICEMAL

And IF you are having any cold or flu or covid symptoms, please don't visit. I caught covid from a visitor last June and it still has lingering effects.

PS: be sure to check the EZ 66 Guide updates at and also the FB page "EZ 66 Guide" for timely notices.

gallery parking on May 21, 2022 at 8:25:26 pm

My property along the east-side curb runs from the Mini-warehouse on my north, almost to 4th street up the hill to the south, so you will not be blocking any driveways. RVs may carefully park here along my curb at your own risk.

Or cars may use my north driveway entrance and park on the grass...
or the south entrance by my mailbox...just go SLOW to avoid scraping.

Again, its best to park on MY side of the street (so you don't block driveways), or on my GRASS driveway (you can use the entrance to the gravel drive but GO SLOW as you enter).

BUY THE EZ 66 on Mar 29, 2022 at 6:18:25 pm
The link to buy the EZ 66 is broke. You get an error message.

BUT...clearly visible behind that error message is my publishers page ...just click on his "STORE" and you will get there.

If for some computery reason you don't see his menu, then just go directly to


SHIPPING TO OTHER COUNTRIES on Dec 13, 2019 at 11:05:25 am
Update 4-23:
Due to Census and customs regulations, I currently can't ship any artwork valued over $2,500 to another country.
The aftermath of the Cov-vid situation has also made overseas shipping difficult.
In fact, until shipping conditions improve, I am hesitant to mail ANYTHING overseas.

Also, it is too expensive to send one or two prints or books overseas. I've gone to the trouble of getting shipping quotes, only to have the persons back out (understandably) after seeing how expensive safe, protected shipping is.

EDIT: I will need to have payment in full from now before I ship anything. I ran into a problem recently...

NEW BOOK! on Dec 12, 2018 at 10:12:09 am
SEE THE GALLERY PAGE FOR MY NEW ADULT ROUTE 66 COLORING BOOK. (By that i mean its for grown-up colorists...not the other "adult" thing!)

END OF 66 (the western end, that is) on Jul 09, 2018 at 2:50:23 pm
A former "googie" styled diner at the official western terminus (from 1936)of Route 66 in Santa Monica is now reopened under the famous "Mels Diner" name!

This is at the corner of Lincoln and Olympic, which for years did not even have an "END 66" sign.

So now there is something new to enjoy at the formerly unremarkeable official end, before you continue on to end your journey at the Santa Monica Pier, to see the Pacific Ocean and our friends at "66 to Cali" on the pier.

PAINTED DESERT TRADING POST on Apr 08, 2018 at 2:25:47 pm
Here is a link to a press release from one of the 10 members of a group which has banded together to preserve the iconic and currently inacessible Painted Desert Trading Post in eastern AZ. This has long been gated off and is in danger of collapse, so it has not been listed in the EZ 66. But the CO-OP does plan to EVENTUALLY find a way to allow at least limited access.

UPDATE: WORK IS COMPLETED (and I helped by redrawing ALL of the large lettering on the walls!). CHECK THEIR FB PAGE Route 66 Painted Desert Trading Post FOR INFO ON HOW TO VISIT.

Whiting Bros on Jun 08, 2017 at 12:38:09 pm
The website hosted by Phil Gordon that has my gallery of Whiting Bros photos has a new address:
and here's Phil's entire site:

We put this up in 2011, with text asking folks not to "share" my photos without my permission. I guess we were a bit naive, as folks have helped themselves, sometimes even cutting off my copyright notice! I catch them being posted innocently (and not so...) on FB pages occasionally and always point out they are mine.

I WANT to share my precious rare photos from the 1980s...but such shenanigans are keeping me from wanting to post my old k0odachromes anymore.

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