For readers of the EZ 66 Guide for Travelers, I have provided free online updates to help keep your Route 66 experience as current as possible. As you might imagine, Route 66 is constantly undergoing changes, some good, others not so. Businesses open and close, roads are re-routed and street names change.

Please check back here just before your trip for the latest info. Entries are dated as to when they were added.

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EZ 66 readers have been helpful in keeping me keep the guidebook updated in between my own road trips, so if you discover something that needs to be addressed while on your journey, please let me know!

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ROLLA AND MARSHFIELD MO on Oct 26, 2021 at 1:13:24 pm [Print]

UPDATE: as of 12-6, GOOGLE still does not accurately depict the new road configurations east of Marshfield.

NM ROADWORK on Oct 04, 2021 at 7:42:22 pm [Print]
Expect to run into construction delays between Santa Rosa and Gallup on I-40, at varying paces and times. recently near C;lines Corners, Laguna, and Coolidge NM for example...also Grants. Following the tour directions misses some of the delay, but I'd check any traffic report app you have and plan accordingly.

BTW...the east exit for Old Laguna (EXIT 114) is currently closed for off/on. IF you are eastbound and DON'T follow the EB directions past Dead mans Curve and Owl Rock to Mesita, you must go 10 miles back tot he Cubero exit to continue east on I-40!

PS: sorry I missed so many visitors last month while on a 10 day trip to work on the Painted Desert trading Post restoration eat of Holbrook. I spent a whole week up and down scaffolding while redrawing most of the vanished lettering on the walls!

SANTA FE LOOP on Oct 04, 2021 at 7:37:32 pm [Print]
Posted by: Rick Westlake on 1 - Sep 19, 2021 at 10:00:55 pm

NM Page 25 -- HWY 50 is closed between Pecos and Glorieta, for a bridge replacement project. The detour is to backtrack to Rowe, then take I-25 to Glorieta. NMRoads.com started the project in early August, and says it will take about 7 weeks to complete.

SELIGMAN AZ on Sep 06, 2021 at 1:42:36 pm [Print]
Seligman AZ is back in business!

Barstow on Aug 29, 2021 at 12:07:26 am [Print]
Just got a bad report on the Route 66 Motel in Barstow...the one with all the cool old cars in the courtyard. I hate to say this, as this place has been a favorite and I like the owner. The last time we stayed...in late 2018 or 2019...it was fine. But the report...with photos...said it was dirty and smelled bad. They didn't feel safe and were sleeping in their clothes.

Im sure covid knocked out at least half of their business with no international guests in the last year and a half. Perhaps they've had to take more long term tenants. Maybe employees are hard to come by too. But that doesn't excuse dirty rooms.

I'll keep an eye on this situation. I HOPE they can recover from this. But as of now i can't recommend staying here without checking the room first. If you DO, and you like it, please let me know. Same if you don't.

UPDATE: another person wrote: "I stayed there in July. We must have gotten lucky because I felt safe & our room seemed clean. I think some of the rooms may be nicer than others."

I think this IS the case. The rooms closest to the office may be better...we stayed in one of those. Best to check first.

i-40 construction in eastern New Mexico on Aug 06, 2021 at 5:50:34 pm [Print]
I-40 is being worked on in sections between Santa Rosa and Moriarty, NM

The affected areas vary as work progresses. For example, as of today there were slowdowns eastbound for 7 miles either side of Clines Corners. No slowdowns shown on westbound I-40 today. But this will change.

Expect to run into slowdowns in this area. either direction, for the time being. Allow more time if necessary. I'd check the traffic conditions on google or another site before committing to run I-40 west from Santa Rosa or east from Moriarty... that's where i got the traffic info for today.

You can avoid this by taking the older 66 route thru Santa fe.

update: 9-12 still appears to be some paving ongoing.

singing hwy update nm page-11 on Aug 02, 2021 at 11:25:59 am [Print]
The "singing hwy" that plays America the beautiful when you drive on is harder to find now.

This is on NM page-11 between Albuquerque and Tijeras (eastbound only),

As of last week the singing road WAS still working, although the SIGN IS GONE and no further maintenance will be done to preserve it. Someday it will be silent.

In the meantime, it is on Route 66/HWY 333 between mile marker 4 and 5, eastbound only. Drive (safely!!!) 45 mph and a little more to the right. If you need to u turn and try again BE CAREFUL!

OK page-18 on Aug 02, 2021 at 10:55:31 am [Print]
Good news! The rebuilt Captain Creek bridge on 66B ( original 66) west of Wellston Oklahoma is open.
The original metal trusses were saved and installed on the new structure.

So now you can follow the WB or EB directions thru town.

nm page-11 on Jul 22, 2021 at 12:59:54 pm [Print]
Alas, there are no more signs to direct you in finding the "singing hwy" near Tijeras, NM. Recent reports say it still makes music IF you happen upon it and get your tires on the correct place at 45 mph (as I did last September by chance)
...but it is now hard to find and may some day be paved over as it is no longer maintained. I would not spend too much time driving back and forth trying to find it.

OK PAGE-20 typo alert! on Jul 22, 2021 at 12:56:25 pm [Print]
EB (eastbound) the I-44 exit mentioned at the end of the EB box should be EXIT 128B. just make sure you are getting on I-44 headed EAST.