For readers of the EZ 66 Guide for Travelers, I have provided free online updates to help keep your Route 66 experience as current as possible. As you might imagine, Route 66 is constantly undergoing changes, some good, others not so. Businesses open and close, roads are re-routed and street names change.

Please check back here just before your trip for the latest info. Entries are dated as to when they were added.

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NM page-22: on Sep 22, 2017 at 9:34:40 pm [Print]
Detour on I-40 from EXIT 8 to the Lupton, AZ exit.

gravel on Sep 18, 2017 at 2:08:13 pm [Print]
On Illinois page 23, the already rough pavement between Waggoner and the overpass over I-55 (north​ of Litchfield) is currently covered in GRAVEL. Hopefully it's being repaved. But for now you should stay on I55 from Exit 72 to Litchfield if you are on a motorcycle or nice car!

St Louis on Sep 18, 2017 at 1:18:12 pm [Print]
With the current protests going on in St Louis, especially downtown, be careful of traffic jams and other problems.

IL page 16 on Sep 15, 2017 at 5:15:02 pm [Print]
Carl gave me another report in Lincoln, Illinois.
There is currently construction at the JCT of Stringer and BL 55 on the south side of town. WB you can't turn left now on BL 55/Lincoln Parkway. You can turn right on the frontage rd (S Postville Dr) and go back up to 5th St. From there, turn Left, cross thru the intersection, then LEFT again onto the southbound (westbound) lanes of BL 55/Lincoln Parkway.
Or go down Washington to see The Mill, then turn around and go back up to 5th and proceed to BL 55/Lincoln PKWY.

Eastbound, you MAY be able to turn right onto Stringer. If not, go up to 5th.

This intersection of Stringer and Lincoln Pkwy may be entirely different after work is finished.

MO page 23 on Sep 15, 2017 at 5:06:50 pm [Print]
Here's more info about the detour west of Gay parita and east of Carthage.

Hwy 96 (Route 66) is closed because two bridges are being rebuilt between Hwy 39 and Hwy UU in Phelps.

Unless you are in a big truck or Rv, here's the local detour from reports (I haven't driven this).
WB: Turn right on Hwy 39. Go 2 miles north to MIller, MO.
Turn LEFT on 5th St.
Go three miles on 5th (County 2040).
Turn LEFT on HWY UU. Go 2 miles.
Turn RIGHT on Hwy 96.
EB reverse.
There have been conflicting reports as to whether part of this is unpaved. A visitor told me yesterday all was paved.
The official detour takes you miles south to I-44, and then back up.

Il page 23 on Sep 15, 2017 at 4:58:08 pm [Print]
Got some updates from Carl today!
WB (westbound) after you cross over I-55 south of Waggoner, to turn right on "Old Route 66", the sign is missing!

Don't continue tocross the rr at grade here. Just turn right onto the first road after crossing over I-55.

ok page-14 on Sep 02, 2017 at 1:05:16 am [Print]
This is not a goof, but very occasionally people are confused when taking the BELLVUE OPTION. For some reason they turn right (north) on Hwy 48 instead of SOUTH (left).

I don't know why they go astray here. But it happened again last week. So be sure to follow the map.

dept of Typos on Sep 02, 2017 at 1:02:00 am [Print]
On Ca page 13, in the WB (westbound) directions, I hit the wrong key! In the third sentence, it should say "At the stoplight for 7th St/BL 15..." NOT BL 55! LOL

TX page 4 on Sep 02, 2017 at 1:00:17 am [Print]
Just bumping this back up...there's a detour on 66 west of Lela. Not marked ahead of time. Avoid backtracking by taking I-40 from EXIT 157 to EXIT 152

And be sure to scroll down for detours in IL< MO< TX< NM and CA!!!

RE: the detour between Gay Parita and Carthage, MO...if you go to my EZ 66 Guide Facebook page and scroll down, you'll find a map and directions posted by a local. Part of this detour is gravel!

Eclipse on Aug 19, 2017 at 8:12:08 pm [Print]
Keep in mind that the total eclipse of Monday, August 21 will cover the area from near St James to St Louis, with maximum totality near St Clair, MO (around 1 PM). There will surely be many people flocking to this area of 66 and I-44 that day, so expect heavy traffic and busy roadsides, businesses, etc. Motel rooms may be scarce too.