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Autry Museum Exhibit on Dec 18, 2014 at 4:10:05 am
The recent (now ended)Route 66 exhibit at the Autry Museum in LA was a great success and brought a lot of publicity for the route. Jim Ross and I traveled to the Autry in December of 2014 and gave a well received talk about how to travel Route 66.

WINTER HOURS on Nov 06, 2014 at 4:12:17 pm
I actually don't have regular hours where I am out in the gallery...even during the tourist season. Most of the time I am very close to the gallery, and happy to open up to meet visitors, even on weekends. During the travel season I usually have my OPEN sign turned on.

But I do not get a lot of visitors thru the late fall and winter, so I won't have the sign on all the time, even if I am available. BUT...if you happen by, call my new cell at 405 24 0 7659, and if I an close by I'll be happy to meet you (or call ahead). The tourist season picks up again around April first. In the meantime, i am working on several new commissions!

Kingman event on Aug 20, 2014 at 4:22:11 pm
I just got back from the excellent Route 66 festival in Kingman, AZ! What a whirlwind blur of faces and was a great time, even if I did not get to spend as much time with everyone as I'd like. Akkey did very well selling his new book! And I picked up a new art commission (or two?). Now its time for mowing the lawn, doing laundry, sorting out updates and reciepts and all that "fun" stuff.

new Japanese Route 66 book! on Aug 05, 2014 at 3:47:52 pm
My good friend Akio Takeuchi (known to his many Route 66 friends as "Akkey") recently sent me an advance copy of his latest Route 66 photo book: Eternal Route 66"! At just over 300 pages its packed full of Route 66 goodness. This is Akkey's third Route 66 book, and his best to date. The text is in both English and Japanese, while the appeal of the photos is universal. Akkey's been traveling the Mother Road for over 20 years, and his photos (helped out a few times by his daughter Ayako) include many of the special events along 66 from those decades. Besides the hundreds of interesting and evocative photos, Akkey's text is warm and spiked with humor...well worth reading. A highlight is the special section devoted to the late Bob Waldmire. Akkey and family will be selling his book at the Kingman festival. Assuming he has any left, I plan to carry them in my gallery as well. Well done, Akkey!

visitors on Jul 14, 2014 at 11:25:47 pm
A busy couple of days...I had Dale Butel's group of around 31 happy Aussies in on sunday. Dale brings thru 3 groups a year and we always have a good visit, hanging at the gallery, then off to lunch at the Boom A Rang Diner and ending up at the Route 66 Interpretive center.

Today, Chet Sveistrup of Hop A Long travel's tour brought a bunch of friendly Norwegians to the gallery over a 2 hour period. Hectic, but fun!

Whiting Bros Moriarty on Jun 10, 2014 at 6:32:58 pm
Wow! The Whiting Bros event in Moriarty, NM last Saturday was fantastic! Lots of people and speakers and classic cars, all there to honor longtime owner/operator Sal Lucero and all those who are having a part in the restoration of the iconic Whiting Bros sign. Although completion of the resto has been delayed by a family of owls who took residence in the sign, its neon will soon shine again along the shoulder of old 66. Speakers included Kaisa Barthuli of the Route 66 Corridor preservation program. Senator Sue Wilson Beffort, Edgewood mayor Brad Hill, Moriarty mayor Ted Heath, NM assoc prez Andy House, Me, and Debbie Pogue (of the Sunset Motel next door). These folks are doing much to promote Rte 66 int heir corridor!

66 GTO at Gary's Gay Parita on May 27, 2014 at 3:36:44 pm
The unveiling of my new painting of Curtis Gobeli's 66 GTO at Gary Turner's Gay Parita Station near Halltown Mo was a lot of fun! We had a nice group of people, and Gary got a kick out of seeing the finished art. Curtis and Kath had driven 66 last summer, when he was 66, and they stopped at Gary's on June 6! All those "66's" led him to commission me to do a painting commemorating his stop and the entire trip (with Route 66 icons hovering around a map of the route and a short history of 66 "floating" in the sky). Curt and Kath (plus friends Paul and Ruth) drove down from Minnesota for the event (Curt again drove his 66 GTO). See my gallery page for info on available signed (by Gary, Curt and me) dated and numbered quantities!( more limited edition prints...but I do have regular prints ...not signed by Curt or Gary...but I'll sign them!)

Gifts on Feb 13, 2014 at 3:15:26 pm
Alexandre and Manuelle sent me a cool little model of a 1963 Citroen 2CV from France as a commemoration of their visit last year. I've got their postcard photo (standing in front of the End of Trail 66 sign at the Santa Monica Pier) but lost the package with their address, so I am thanking them here.

It will be displayed in my soon as I finish some remodeling.

Terry Kemp (of Bay City Michigan) sent me a couple of dvds of great photos from his 2013 trip! I met him at Craig Parrish's Joliet to Pontiac tour. Terry has got a sweet yellow 1937 Ford...a real eye dazzler.

And last but not least, Nate "Igor" Smith sent me a copy of his photo book "Get Your Kicks"...number 43 of 250 printed. This is not your fathers Route 66 photo book...I started paging thru it...nice photos of 66 scenes...then I spotted the first NUDE! Yep...Igor photographed models along the Mother Road in various states of disrobement! A well crafted but unusual Route 66 book, for sure. The book is copyright Driven By Boredom Productions from Brooklyn, NY.

Whiting Bros photos. on Jan 15, 2014 at 6:55:39 pm
Fellow Whiting Bros nut Phil Gordon has had an exemplary website about this long gone Route 66 icon for a while. Now he and I have collaborated on putting up a special section on his website featuring photos that I have taken of surviving stations and ruins back in the 1980s and 1990s.

Check out my page at:

..and Phil's great site at:

NOTE: currently my service provider, ATT is blocking the webege domain due to sites unconnected with Phils'. Hope this gets fixed.

Frontier Motel, Truxton AZ on Jan 08, 2014 at 6:23:18 am
I got a phone call from New Zealand tour guide Sam Murray, who has bought the closed Frontier Motel and Cafe in Truxton! Renovation of the 7 unit motel is underway, and the cafe will reopen as well....likely in 2014. He also plans to repair the iconic neon sign (which had been repaired with a federal grant some time back but had fallen into disrepair). Sam got the chance to acquire the property almost by accident, as he connected with a relative of the late owner while buying an American car to ship back home. Sounds like he genuinely loves the route and wants to preserve this historic property. He's looking for a couple to lease and run the turnkey cafe and motel (there is a 4 bedroom house too), so here's someone's chance. Sam will be running 3 or 4 tours down 66 each year under the name "Gilligan's Wild West Tours." He also bought an old gas station across the road, which will become a bar. Another example of worldwide interest helping to restore Route 66.

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